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Rosneft Enterprises Release Over 17.1 Million Fry into Russian Rivers

04 August 2023

In June and July, Rosneft subsidiaries released more than 17.1 million fry of various fish species into Russian rivers. One of Rosneft’s main priorities is the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in the regions where the Company operates, including the replenishment of fish resources. The fry are released into the natural environment as part of programmes for the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources.

Kondaneft has made the greatest contribution to preserving and increasing fish fauna. In July, the enterprise released more than 16 million peled fry, a valuable commercial fish of the whitefish family, into the waters of the Ob-Irtysh basin. On behalf of the enterprise, the fry were raised in a natural reservoir connected by a canal to the Irtysh river in the Khanty-Mansiysk district. A shallow 270-hectare forest lake has been created to provide optimal conditions for the development and rapid adaptation of juvenile fish to natural conditions.

RN-Yuganskneftegaz, Rosneft’s largest production asset, released 700,000 muksun fry and 24,000 red sturgeon fry into the Irtysh river – the first batch of the planned segregated sturgeon stocking. The enterprise is committed to maintaining the ecological balance in the regions where it operates and annually replenishes the region’s rivers with young Siberian sturgeon, muksun, sterlet, chir and peled. Since 2017, environmentalists from RN-Yuganskneftegaz have released more than 280 million fry of valuable and especially valuable fish species into the rivers of the Ob-Irtysh basin. Based on the results of monitoring by specialists from the Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, 30% of the young Siberian sturgeon were artificially bred. At the same time, the percentage of one and two year old broodstock does not change. This allows us to speak of stable survival of individuals in the natural conditions of the Irtysh river.

Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha, which produces oil on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is increasing the volume of annual actions on stocking the Vilyuyskoye reservoir, this year the oilmen released more than 330 thousand whitefish fry – peled – into the tributary of the Akhtaranda river. This year students of Mirny Regional Technical College took part in the environmental action of the enterprise. Educating the youth on Rosneft’s values, which include caring for the environment, is one of the areas of environmental education work.

Three other Rosneft subsidiaries organised traditional environmental activities on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources: Uvatneftegaz released more than 34,000 nelma fry into Lake Aitor in Khanty-Mansiysk, Udmurtneft released more than 21,000 pike fry into the Cheptsa river, the largest tributary of the Vyatka river in the Volga basin, and Verkhnechonskneftegaz released more than 8,000 peled fry into the Belaya river in the Irkutsk region. Last year, for the first time, Verkhnechonskneftegaz released 3,000 fry of the precious Siberian sturgeon, which is on Russia’s Red List, into Lake Baikal.

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August 4, 2023

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